Timatanga Hou

Timatanga Hou

New Beginnings

Mission Statement

To Inspire & Encourage Healthy, Balanced Lifestyles.


Ka oho te wairua
Ka matara te tinana
He aroha ki te aroha
ka kaa te rama

"Personal Success & Fufillment though a Healthy, Mind, Body & Spirit"

Who are we?

An ongoing holistic program based on whanau, goal setting, support and understanding. To get our people out and confidently moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

We believe & are passionate about providing a program that:

  • Puts our whanau first - whanau and hapu based.
  • A connection to our Maori Tikanga and Kaupapa Values.
  • Offers unique opportunities to get our people moving towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Provides and develops experiences with contribute a positive attitude towards a healthy & balanced lifestyle.
  • Assists in building confidence and self-esteem for all ages.
  • Specifically designed and developed with the needs of our whanau in mind at all times.
  • Is professionally driven by trained and qualified staff within the fitness community.
  • Delivers instructions in as much Te Reo Maori as possible.
  • That there is a flow on effect - to their entire lifestyle.